Gilenya now shingles

I’ve been on Gilenya for about 4 months now and all seemed to be going well. However my white blood cell count is too low so I have an almost non existent immune system. Have just contracted shingles so consultant has told me to stop with Gilenya until it has cleared up, then they are going to review it. Am gutted, Gilenya was a dream after Rebif. Has anyone else had to come off Gilenya?

Sorry to hear about the shingles. Not a nice thing to have. l have had shingles 3 times - so know all about it. The first, and probably the worst case of shingles was before l was diagnosed with MS. Apparently, many people with ms get shingles at some time or the other. Another of the auto-immune diseases. Your GP can put you straight on to a anti-viral med to help.