Genetic Test

Has anyone had genetic testing and been told they have some genes that are linked to m.s.

Hmmm. I`ll be interested to read any replies you get.

luv Pollx

Hi Yes, I’ve been involved in a genetic research (as I along with numerous relatives have MS), they don’t give you individual results though. I agreed to take part in the hope that it might benefit others in the future. If they identify particular genes that make you more susceptible to developing MS then they might be able to repair the genes to halt the disease process.

Its too late for me because the damage is done now and can’t be reversed without some major scientific breakthrough, but I live in hope that others can be spared this in the future.

:slight_smile: Mary

Hi I have also taken part in genetic research, My neuro at salford asked me if I would have a blood test and take part. I dont get any results though. Hope that helps!

I have had my DNA sequenced twice and I was told they are still not sure if MS is genetic or enviromental so not sure

how someone can say ‘you have genes linked to MS’

If that is the case then therapies like immune reset and stem cell therapy is pointless without some kind of gene therapy

Thanks for the replies. I think there is still a lot to find out regarding the link between ‘rogue’ genes and the way they behave and m.s.

There certainly is a lot of work and research on the subject to be done.

With my condition, if it is genetic (not all cases of sp are), there are now 50 known genes that cause hsp. But they currently only test for the 5 most common. Therefore a test could give a false negative. So what`s the point of testing?