just picked up my tablets GABAPENTIN, for my fatique, lookin at the leaflet it says, do not drive, very commonside effects, feeling tired, lack of coordination, i drive and my coordination is not that good to start with. help sould i go back to see my gp


I’m surprised you’ve been given Gabapentin for fatigue. I’ve never heard of it being used for that before, at’s usually used for pain & spasms. I take it at night as it can help me sleep. It’s probably worth trying some when you don’t need to drive. But I’d go back to your GP - Amantadine and Modafinil are the drugs that are usually prescribed for fatigue.

Hope you get the right thing.


thanks for replying, going to see my gp in mornin, will let you know how i get on

I take Gabapentin for neuropathic pain. I haven’t heard of it being used for fatigue. I take Amantadine for fatigue.

Hi I am on gabapentin for nerve pain. My hand/arm co ordination has not been good either. I did get tired early on (as a side effect) but now I have worked my way up to my current max daily dose I do not seem to have any side effects now…luckily. Still driving etc. However not heard of it being used for fatigue either but then I am fairly new to all this medication lark too! It can effect people differently. Might be worth checking out with gp.


I take Gabapentin for neuropathic pain and still suffer with fatigue, as the others have advised I go along with them, go back and see you gp.


I absolutely agree with the others. Gab is for neuropathic pain. Do let us know what your GP says after your visit. R

Shortly after my Gabapentin dose was increased, I started to experience increased leg fatigue.
My MS Nurse suggested that this could be due to the Gabapentin, and that I reduce the dose again.

This did not alter the fatigue, so the dose has now been increased again by half the previous increase. Several sessions with a new physio have done something about the fatigue, and the question now is whether I can accept the remaining pain (not too bad, really) or go back to the full amount of the increased Gabapentin.

At the time, I was getting the branded version (Neurontin) and the enclosed leaflet did mention fatigue as one of the side effects. Now I am back on the generic version, I can not see any mention of fatigue in the info leaflet.

As far as I have been aware, it has had no effect on my driving - but it did stop the “electric shock” pains. It cut back on some of the deeper pain as well.


l have just spent some time googling Gabapentin for Dogs - as the vet has prescribed Gabapentin for my Bruno who has nerve damage in his front leg - caused - they think from a tumour. Gabapentin initially was used as a drug to stop seizures in epileptics - and is also used for nerve-pain - as it helps stop pain being transmitted to the brain. As it was - of course - trialled and tested on animals before being licensed for humans - l found you get more info on the websites of vets - google Gabapentin and Dogs [also used for cats and horses]. l found Bruno seemed zonked out and his eyes glazed over when on the meds - so l have reduced the dose. l want him painfree and comfortable - but not to be ‘out of it’ - as it is quality of life -not quantity that l want for him. From all l have read - online - it is certainly not a drug to help with fatigue. But used with Tramadol it works very well as a relief for neurological pain and arthritic pain. Also, shingles and fybromyligia.


interesting reading as i too suffer from fatigue and as i’m still rather new to all this the feeling of exhaustion is driving me insane.

i was prescibed neurontin back in june for my muscle spasms-doesn’t seem to have done much for me so far-recently my fatigue in general seems to have increased and i just figured it was all part of the fun that is MS.

after reading this i think i may go and see my GP.

stef x