Gabaoentin and weight gain


Nope. No weight gain for me. In fact the opposite is true in my case.

Still everyone is different with this condition and meds.


from the way it has been explained to me, these drugs switch on a receptor in the brain to convince your body yo crave carbs, carbs as we know are what make us pile on the extra weight, yes we are what we eat technically, so yes we eat it we put the weight on buy not purposely. that receptor in the brain needs to be turned off and that is what the victoza has done for me.

but i am also on other meds besides my pre gablin that causes massive weight gain and that maybe why i get this jab.

That explanation completely chimes with my experience. I got the carb craving with a different drug, but not any old carbs - refined carbohydrate in the form of cake was what I wanted. In those rare waking moments when I was not actually eating cake, my every thought revolved around where the next cake was coming from, how soon I could eat it, how nice it was going to be. I grew a jelly-like spare tyre - a comedy spare tyre - in 10 days, where no spare tyre had been. It makes me smile, looking back, but only because I got lucky and the craving turned itself off after a couple of weeks as quickly and completely as it had come. I would not be smiling if it had continued, and I really, really sympathise with those in that predicament.


Exactly Alison I craved everything that would put weight on me I would eat bags of crisps a bag of sweets every night, cake, chocolate, loads of stuff that was rubbish. Now all that has stopped with the jab and the weight is starting to fall off again which I hope will help with this new diagnosis.

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I had no weight gain or cravings with Gabapentin, nor with pregabalin which I am taking now. However, I have taken amitriptyline several times over the years and the first time I had cake cravings which were overwhelming. I actually broke down and cried in the street one day when I got to the bakery and it had shut early. I’ve often thought it is interesting that the same drug has affected me differently at different times. When I took it again a couple of years later I didn’t get any increased appetite or cravings at all. The experience has also made me understand how complex and distressing weight issues are, and anyone currently struggling with cravings has my heartfelt a sympathy - even though I mostly experience the other end of the scale as I struggle to maintain my minimum BMI. (Thank you for the new edit button!)

Wow. I am on near max dose of Gabapentin every day and felt it was causing bloating and thus I was going to change to Amitripyline; however as I now hear it also has the side effect of weight gain I maybe I will stick with Gabapentin since whilst also now taking a higher dose of Tecfidera I feel the exact opposite of bloating.


Yes, except it did only affect me like that the first time, so you can’t predict from others’ experiences. I’d say the most important consideration is whether amitriptyline can control your symptoms. It didn’t touch my MS neuro symptoms, but it does control nerve pain that originates in the muscle rather than coming from the CNS. You could always try pregabalin as well.

In last visit to my GP they were for some reason reluctant to put me on amitriptyline but suggest I try a phased dose of Pregabalin. Maybe I am prejudying too early, but don’t think Pregabalin is of much help. I am having sporadic pain relief but think it is more from increased exercise from gardening chores.

Next week I have an appointment with my MS nurse who may be able to provide more advice.


Unisom makes an old back injury hurt, as well as my hip replacement! I have to take painkillers with it. I have also found that 50 mg doesn’t always work, sometimes I need 2 or 3 doses. I use sominex (hydroclorthiazide) alternately with Lorazepam, so that I don’t build up a tolerance to the Lorazepam.

Trazadone works well for me, but once it takes effect I feel starving hungry! And not for just any food - junk food, cookies, cake, candy. I swear if I had none of those on hand I would empty the sugar bin!

I put on weight with tri-cyclic anti-D’s, but have not noticed that effect from Gabapentin (which I use for an arthritic condition in my neck, which makes one particular spot on my back itch like crazy!) After putting up with blood smealed shirts, I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me Gabapentin - 100 to 300 mg a night. I’ve found I don’t need more than one for the itching, so I save them up as a sleep aid. It takes about 500 mg. for sleep.

My doctor prescribed me to take gabapentin about 3 times a day, 100mg pills for my anxiety. I took Geodon before, and it increased my appetite and made me hungry quickly and severely. This happened with gabapentin too. I think it even stretches out your body and makes it bigger without even eating. When I stopped taking it, I lost weight dramatically, even when I was eating. And then I started taking it again, arms and skin and legs, and everything just stretched out and got bigger. I got a (removed by moderator) to track the differences before and after taking them, and it was horrible.

So glad I’m not the only one that hasn’t been putting on weight. Had I not spotted you saying it first I wouldn’t have commented.

Been on Gabapentin 6 years and have been on a high dose of 900mg 3 times a day for almost 4 years. Only exercise I get is walking 400 metres to supermarket once/twice a week. Look like I’ve stopped for a a night out on the way back as my walking deteoriates ;/