Fuzzy Head

Hi Everyone

I have not been on this site before with a question. Been DX with PPMS for 3 years. My mobility is not too bad but have problems with my left side leg and arm. My main problem is that I have a strange feeling in my head. I know that sounds funny but difficult to explain. I have pains across my eyes, down the right side of my ear and round to the back of my head. The rest of my head feels very fuzzy. Does anyone else have this problem. I have been complaing about this for about 4 years. My GP says it is my MS and my Neuro says it is nothing to do with my MS.

Any replies would be a help because do not know what to do about it and it is very upsetting along with everything else.


Might be worth posting on everyday living aswell, as its the sort of thing that pops up quite often regardles of which ms label.

Other than that I can’t help I’m afraid,its thankfully something I don’t have.

Welcome anyway.


Hi LucySue and welcome to our little gang…

It’s so difficult when you have a symptom & nobody agrees what it is and if there’s anything that can help!!!

I have to say that in my humble (!) opinion, neuro’s don’t seem to know about half the symptoms we have. I am certain for instance that MSers seem to get more disgestive problems… acid etc… than others… but try and get a neuro to agree!!!

On the other hand, if they do agree that a symptom is caused by MS, they give the blurb about your central nervous system being affeced by the MS so can cause all sorts of problems!

Very contradictory!!!

I do get some strange feelings in my head. Fizzing in my skull and pain in my eyes even though I haven’t got (and have never had) ON. I also gets lots of visual stuff… movements in my periphery vision… I always think a mouse is running near me… lights flashing etc. Sometimes one of my ears feels numb or tingly. I also get pins and needles in my lips and tongue (oh the joys of MS!!!)

I think your problems could be MS or could be migraine (which is more common in people with MS) and doesn’t always present as a straightforward headache.

Are you on any pain drugs? I find Amitriptyline very good for pain and fizzing, vibrations, buzzing etc etc. There are other drugs as well… are you on any?

Has anyone suggested migraine?

Nice to see you on here hon and hope we can help (we are generally better informed than many neuro’s!!!)

Pat x

Hi Lucy Sue

Welcome to our “special gang” of lovely folk, all in the same

boat, and all trying to help one another.

I do get a fuzzy feeling in my head from time to time, where it

feels like my head is full of cotton wool, can’t concentrate on

anything, and can’t think straight. I do get pain in my eyes but

have never had ON (to my knowledge) with difficulty to focus, but

this is always worse when I am over tired.

Take care

Pam x

Hi Everyone

Thanks very much for your comments. Its nice to know there are people who can sympathise with my problems. I have been on nortriptyline which did seem to help with my heads to begin with but now it seems to have warn off. Went to GP today and she has suggested yet again that I should consult my neuro but has decided to up the nortrypatline to see if thats makes any difference. Have tried amitriptyline which worked for about two months and also gabapentin which zonked me out completely so came off that. Hoping uping dosage will help.

Will keep you posted.