Frazer and the art class

Frazer has had another adventure today. Last Saturday we were doing our volunteering on the literature cart at Castle park when a lady from the local art center stopped by and asked if we would model for her art class . Frazer was very eager to do it so I went along with him this afternoon. It was amazing I was sat in my wheelchair with my Bob hat and scarf and patch work blanket as I’m always dressed for volunteering on cold Saturday’s and Frazer had his very best doggy grin . I have to say the results were amazing . In fact Lee wants to buy one of the prints . Frazer is a very handsome doggy and they made me look pretty good too. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Oh how fantastic Michelle, I hope you can get a print, would be a lovely keepsake, and perhaps you could put it on here for us all to see. Mind you I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it!

What a star he Is …and you as well, of course.

Pam x

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How lovely, I hope you get a copy of the pic

Sonia x

Sounds lovely Michelle!

Like Pam and Sonia I too hope you can get a copy of one of the paintings.

Take Care,

Nina x

What a lovely and different day out for you and frazer,it was a nice day for you to remember. Its days like that that keep us going.Joxx