Flagging fast


i knew I was back in the limbo land after a recent reappearance of some symptoms but the drop in health over the past few days has been shocking!!. Sat at work with another three hours to go and flagging fast

work are being good and put me on restricted duties but still struggling. Over eight days til my first doc appointment as they don’t seem my illness as “urgent”.

Has as anyone else seen a massive drop in health so quick (two or three days)???

Yes! When I overdo it. From the booklet given to me by the Chronic Fatigue services and from folk I’ve chatted to on forums, it’s called a Boom and Bust cycle. My new symptoms often seem to occur at the same time as worsening of existing ones (though that might be simplifying things a bit).

It’s so annoying. Just three days ago I was functioning fairly normally and now I’m shattered having done nothing!!. Am kind of hoping it doesn’t tak as long to get better as the last two times but I’m not holding my breath

Breathing deep and concentrating on the positives. I have an awesome fiancée and a possible new career if I can’t do my job as I am now

Plus the brain farts are back!!. Soooooo frustrating. Watched a show about peoe with stammers and was in tears for them as I know how frustrating it is to want to get a word out but not be able to do it!! :’(