Felt bullied at clinic!

Hi all On the 1st of June I fell and injured my hip and although it’s not broken they have kept seeing me in fracture clinic. Six weeks ago I was seen by a very nice doctor who said that he would refer me to physio and see me in six weeks. At first I wasn’t surprised that I hadn’t received an appointment, I thought that there must be a waiting list. After four weeks I saw my GP and she said that she would chase it up but it probably wouldn’t make any difference so I didn’t expect to hear anything for a while. On Tuesday I want to my appointment at the fracture clinic. The clinic was very busy but I don’t mind waiting as it means that lots of people who need to be seen are being seen. When I went in to see the consultant he asked me how I was so I told him that my hip was still painful and that although it had improved, it had got a bit worse again. I then told him that I had not seen the physiotherapist yet and launched in to what felt like bullying accusations! He repeatedly ask me why I hadn’t phoned to see why I hadn’t had an appointment and I repeatedly told him that I had spoken to my GP and that she had said that she would follow it up. When he kept on I said that, surely, it wasn’t my responsibility to phone the physio department to nag for an appointment. To which he replayed " of course it is, it’s your body!". He also kept saying that he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t taking responsibility for my own health. I pointed that if every one who was waiting for an appointment repeatedly phoned the hospital the switch boards would be block I and people who need to would be unable to get through. He eventually said that he would refer me again. He also said that as I hadn’t broken any bones so they couldn’t do anything for me there was no point in me repeatedly coming back to the clinic as though it was my fault. As it isn’t possible to self refer it should have been obvious to him that I only kept going back because I had been sent appointments. When he asked again why I had done nothing after speaking to my GP. I told him that I was sure that if my GP said that she was going to chase it up then she would. I also told him that I had been unwell with an MS relapse. His response was to question me about my MS in an accusing/disbelieving way because I don’t have a neurologist! I was very pleased with myself that was not intimidated by him and, surprisingly, didn’t cry (one of the things that bothers me most about my MS is that I cry at the drop of a hat!). The nice nurse, who had been present through out, came after me as I left and suggested that I go and ask in physio how long it was likely to be before I got an appointment but I said it was to far to walk and that I would phone. I then went and sat in the ladies and cryed! I phoned physio today and was told that I have not been referred, not six weeks ago and not in the last couple of days. Was I surprise? Of cause not!!! The very nice man at physio is going to get in touch with the consultants secretary and sort it out. I’ve got to ring back tomorrow. Just realised how long this post is, sorry! But it has been quite cathartic and helped me get it straight in my mind for when I make my official complaint!


these doctors just don’t have any bedside manner training!!

good for you, i’d have cried too. - not so much from being upset but from being frustrated.

you go complain right now.

carole x

I agree with carole, terrible treatment, a strong letter is called for.


In a word Teddie “unacceptable” I personally would be contacting PALS!!! It is NEVER right to make the patient feel it is their fault…totally wrong. Good luck x

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i want to read your post

can u please put some spaces in to make it easier…

thanks! ellie

Hi Ellie I’m afraid that I can’t, because I’m using a tablet (which I just an over sized phone basically!) any formating that I put in is removed when I post. Sorry!

Hi Carole, Mary & Blossom. Thank you for your support :). X

ok teddie but thats not ur prob but a technical one which i know stuff is being looked at…


What a horrid experience for you!

Whatever Dr Charm School was festering about, you can be quite sure that it wasn’t you. You just happened to be in the firing line. Congratulations on keeping your composure until you had some privacy.

I am sure that the doctor, when asked about the incident, will have all sorts of excuses about cumulative build-up of frustration at patients failing to follow his medical advice and then expecting him to magic away the consequences etc etc, and maybe his hamster has the measles and his wife has run off with her aromatherapist (and who could blame her?) but all that is neither here not there - that sort of behaviour is unprofessional and not acceptable.

I hope that tomorrow is a better day for you with lots of nice people in it.


Thank you Alison, you made me smile! I don’t know what it says about me but, after the initial upset, I felt strongly energised and more like the “old” me! Nothing like a justified defence to perk you up (or is that just me?). Trouble is I’m not sure whether or not to complain about it as I feel I might be laying myself open to more up set that I might not cope with so well (that’s the “new” me talking). Anyway, I have had a couple of good days since. I have a new mattress topper so my bed is now super comfy and I have bought a “new” pair of shoes (red!) on ebay and I’m eagerly awaiting their delivery :slight_smile:

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Red shoes Teddie! Very nice :slight_smile: you do whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you would rather not complain, then don’t…life with ms is complicated enough :slight_smile:

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