Fellow Bloggers?

Hey all.

I’m relatively new here, and just wondered if there were any other bloggers out their tracking their MS, up days and down days and such.

I wont go into a whiney ranty moan about my MS, i feel bad for moaning so much already.

But I wanted to share this with others.

Feedback, comments, I’d love to see others blogs.

(hugs for all)

  • Fruitcake (Cookie)

I don’t blog as such, though I do have one elsewhere that I occasionally comment on “big” events. I do keep a personal diary of how things are day to day, so I can keep track of the progression. I have found out that my memory is not the most reliable and I do tend to be glass half empty, even when it is actually quite full.

I guess most of my days seem to be the same, so I feel there is little to comment on. I like your blog though, very colourful. Well done.


Wouldn’t have a clue how to blog,let alone write something that anyone would want to read,but I shall await the next installment with interest.

That is coming from a pip not a toodle!!


Thank you for your comments both. New installment up

Hello Fruitcake,

Love the blog, don’t give it up

I’m at the other end, Secondary Progressive, definitely not the man I once was. First relapse in 1979 but I’m a bloke, don’t go to the doctor unless I’m being threatened. Diagnosed in 1995 but no obvious affect until 2000. Since then its been a trickle trickle down the slippery slope.

Had to stop work in January and started a website www.aid4disabled.com) the following month.

Keep it going and keep in touch.



I blog all too rarely these days, despite me regularly thinking I should write a post (I think facebook is to blame for using up my internet time). Still, you can have a peruse here - http://buhmuh.blogspot.co.uk/. It’s not specifically about MS, although it inevitaby crops up regularly, lurking in the shadows…


Hi Fruitcake, Loving your blog, looking forward to the next installment! Keep up the positive attitude.

I have also started a blog if you want to check it out http://imnotdrunkwait.tumblr.com/ - also detailing my ups and downs of this thing they call MS.

Take care

Katie x

I blog as well, but after a relapse in the Spring, I lost the habit. I’ve just started again, but it’s not just about MS, although I’m working on one that is. I’m a musician and after 10 years, I’ve gone back to music again. It’s going to be about trying to keep going with MS and balance how much to do/play/perform and stay upright.


Thank you for all the responses and views;

Patrick_b - Thank you for your kind words, I’ll keep it going as long as I can.

“I’m a bloke, don’t go to the doctor unless I’m being threatened”

Thats not exclusively male. Over ten years and more relapses than I can care to count I’ve seen a GP 3 times for symptoms; Once for pins and needles at 16, Vertigo at 26, and the hospital stay that resulted in this diagnosis last week.

By the time anything got to the point of needing to see a doctor they were easing, so I didnt bother.

Love your website and blog, have bookmarked it and will be keeping an eye on it.

He_funk (dan) I sympathise with Facebook, it has been known to absorb way way too much time for me as well, I’ve read a couple of posts on your blog, I’ll keep it marked for when you take it up again :wink:

imnotdrunkwait - Katie I have a confession, it was reading your blog that prompted me to start my own :slight_smile: Keep yours up as well and I shall follow with interest.

Lapreguiceira - I’m sorry the relapse knocked the habit out of you, but good that you’ve started again. If you’re happy to share I’d like to read.

Also- New mini-post up on mine this morning, hardly a post, more a one line observation, will write more later today (post breakfast)

  • Fruitcake

My user name is my blog name or jayblewes.

I’m going through the other blogs as well and they are really great.

I get sidetracked by the Barts blog at times and this either has me punching the air and ‘yeah’-ing or in a state of despair.

There’s facebook stuff too, so I’m easily distracted.

I left a comment on your blog, fruitcake. I was very moved by your writing.


Thank you hun, I think my blog is either slow updating or the mice have been at the wiring again as no comment’s are showing up :confused:

New post up.

Feel so so guilty…