Feeling down today.

My headaches and head in general are awful today and it seems to make me down and depressed and i have no control over it.

I haven’t felt too bad the last few months but i had a funny do this morning and i have felt awful since. I am currently waiting for lumbar puncture results which i had over 6 weeks ago. I am worried this is the start of a relapse and until the results come back i can’t get any treatment.

Zipster, I’m so sorry you are having such a bad day.

Do you think it might be worth trying to arrange a phone appointment with your GP, maybe tomorrow if you feel no better?

In the meantime, try and rest as much as possible.

Really hope you’re feeling better soon xx

Hi Zipster - waiting for test results is not fun and I find it can really get under my skin, even when I try not to think about it. Hope you have a better day tomorrow x

Sorry your feeling down Zipster. Headaches are awful…I can understand you feeling depressed. I do hope its not the start of a relapse for you. Try and take it easy and maybe like purpledot says, contact your gp if things don’t improve. Lots of hugs x