Feeling being harrassed by work

Can anyone give advise, I was off 10 weeks with my MS struggling with fatigue so much that could not function my physio said that the high humidity that we had experienced over a long period of time was probably the cause. Basically got up tired and and had to go back to bed about middayish even if not done anything, was unsafe driving and very staggery. I was on hol one of the weeks in Greece(had been booked since last year) and found that I really picked up on this holiday(maybe lack of humidity), anyway looked at an inflatable ride Iike a big sofa for 2 days thinking I would love to do that but pondered for that 2 days as worried that due to my arm weakness that I might not be able to hold on, anyway on the 3rd day I thought why not worse case scenario is I come off. So did my friend posted this onto facebook and because of my comment which said when I got off I could not use my arms (which was completely true although only lasted a while) my workplace is sending me down conduct and capability route saying that I did not take care of myself whilst on hols and thus prevented my return to work. I was not due back with my sick note until the week after my hols and as soon as I came home went backdown hill with fatigue. This had no bearing whatsoever on my reasoning for being off work and in fact as I told them when I have physio (which I had Thursday) I can suffer for nearly a week afterwards. Feel like they are trying to get rid of me in an underhand way. Anyone had any experience of anything like this. Must admit would not go on ride again but sometimes you really want to do something and MS stops you and I want to live,!!!

hi andrea

would your employer say that any other employee hadnt taken enough care whilst on holiday??

maybe ask this question if they continue to pick you up on it.

you are protected by the disability discrimination act.

have you got a trade union? if so, ask for some help/advice from them.

that so called “glorious summer” was horrible for me too.

good for you for going on the ride

carole x

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Hi, unfortunately the work place have no idea how MS affects us. I am sympathetic to your position as I can relate to

wanting to do normal activities which are followed by general MS symptoms and also get asked if I should’ve done them.

At present I’m constantly tired and sit in my corner at work doing my best. That is all we can do.

I hope you feel better soon

Sonia x

What about people who have accidents skiing or doing other holiday sport things. The holiday activity has a direct bearing on any subsequent time off work but I doubt that they would be disciplined for it. When you are off sick you are not required to sit in the house wrapped in cotton wool. In any case one ride on a beach inflatable is not the cause of your problems. If it was as simple as doing, or not doing one thing or other none of us would have MS. Your work needs to get a grip. Be prepared to get supporting evidence from your Dr. Your work needs to know that recovery is not something you can influence over much (we wish)



i totally agree with the advice that carole above has given to you, and if you can provide a chronology of events, do so as that would be helpful to any union representative fighting your case. hope it all goes well for you