I know I keep going on about this but it’s hitting me hard at the moment.

The last two days have been spent in bed. i can’t move and when I do I have vertigo.

But let me just tell you, I can overcome this because I know how I am. Take it slow, think carefully and know the limits.

I’m still screaming at the beast.


Know how it is Steve my wife has had the flu this last week changeing roles I am now the carer it’s been hard our family all stay away from us so in times like this we just have to get on with it fatigue is tired is pain always lurking ready to attack there is no app for fatigue.

Aww poor Steve , it’s not like you , you must be bad , I hate vertigo I always feel so sick with if . My dizziness never completely goes away but if I’m ill or stressed it is worse. I hope you feel better soon . Frazer says woof . Michelle xx

Sorry your not well ms is bad enough without anything else on top take care jo.xx

I am new to all of this and currently have no support but shall get that rolling after the end of all these holidays. I can only guess what might constitute ‘fatigue’ out of two issues that I get.

  1. My knees go to jelly, and, if I don’t sit down, the jelly will melt and I will fall down, usually at the top of the stairs… well, collapse down is more precise… I just crumble down, and then fall backwards onto my back. Whilst crumbling, I have a violent, violent, violent pain in my right leg, and end up flat on the floor, unable to get up. Oh, the violent, violent, violent pain is what I had whilst jogging some 12 years ago, and what sent me originally to orthopaedics…!!!

  2. After walking or standing for a short while, eg. making a banana sandwich, my back seems to bend sideways to the right, and I would fall, collapse down if I did not find a seat. I’ve got a perching stool in the kitchen for such moments. I think I’m supposed to perch on it whilst making the banana sandwich, but it’s not too comfortable.

So far, I don’t think that I feel dizzy, but I do describe myself as being ‘wobbly’. I dislike people trying to hold my arm to help me, because it more than likely will be cause me more ‘wobbliness’ not knowing what they are doing.

Steve… I can totally agree with you… “Take it slow, think carefully and know the limits”… No point getting frustrated with yourself; better to praise yourself for recognising the stopping point… :slight_smile:

Hello Anne.

The wobbliness and pain sounds like par the course to me. Fatigue can manifest itself in many ways. Mine is more of an overall inability to do anything. For me it’s a more subtle devil. It’s when determination alone won’t get me through. I cannot think through tasks and along with the yawning and lethargy, I become useless.

When your immune system is battling with every other system in you body, it’s no wonder.

I hope you can get the right help soon. We’re all different but there are some common symptoms.

Best wishes.

.Poor you.Somebody once said fatigue isnt just tiredness its like someone has unplugged us,i thought that summed it up quite well.We need to rest and get recharged .take care Jo xx

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You mean like the giant in Jason and the Argonauts, they pulled a stopper out of his ankle and he collapsed. I really identify with him. I hope you are starting to feel better Steve . I hope you get some help Anne . I’ve suffered more these hols because of less help from carers, so to have no help must be awful. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Steve

Hope you feel better today, this over whelming fatigue that associates ms is truly awful, and totally indescribable to ‘normal’ people, but we totally understand.

Rest as much as needed Steve.

Pam x

Hi Steve,

Fatigue is just a total nightmare, isn’t it? I do hope you soon feel at least a little better, not a nice start to the new year at all!

Take care of yourself, sending you cyber hugs,

Nina x

Hi there Steve. I do hope you’re feeling better now. You’re unusually quiet.

Hi Steve, Poppys right you are quite I hope that you are over the fatigue and didn’t go down with flu , I had it in December and it was awful and I’d even had the flu jab. I hope that you write another blog soon. Michelle and Frazer xx