Fatigue research

My daughter has lupus…that`s very fatiguing too,

Just saying…


I have found the inability to concentrate, irritating & frustrating.
Tingling or numb fingers & toes, mildly confusing & weird.
A leg or hand not working, inconvenient.
BUT fatigue & MS pain, horrendous. Truly horrendous.

Luckily I had stem cell therapy in South Africa. Maybe four months of grimness, but at least you know it’s going to end. Yes, the chemo & three weeks of isolation are really tough, but again you know it’s going to end.

There’s something to push against, which has not been the case with my MS. It’s been like fighting ghosts with a stick.

Right in the middle of my chemo, when I was feeling terrible, I could sense myself clearing up. The fog lifting from my brain. At first I wasn’t sure if I actually felt like that, but my wife (swaddled in plastic in the corner of the room) noticed & said “You’re much clearer today.” And I knew it was true.

Then, once I was out of hospital & getting stronger I noticed that I could withstand heat. Before the stem cell therapy it had got so bad I couldn’t be in the kitchen when the oven was on. I used to totally fatigued by it. Now I could handle the hottest day, hang out in the kitchen. In fact, my MS fatigue has disappeared completely. Along with the skin sandpapering pain I had lived with for years.

Yip, sign a petition & get stem cell therapy paid for, even in approved overseas countries’ oncology centers (where it will cost less & help their health systems). And don’t delay! The last time I did research on this there was only something like a 5% chance of dying & in total a 25% chance it’s a failure.

But a 75% chance it relieves some or all of your MS symptoms!