Facebook- York and Surrounding Areas


Just to say there’s a new Facebook page - MS Society York Branch, we are trying to reach out to people with MS in the York Area, we have a venue and amazing volunteers who will help put any event on.

But we just want to know what people want, its open to any age, friends and family it can be Pilates or Reiki even Inflatable Sumo Wrestling if there’s enough to take part.Whatever you come up with we will try to make it happen

If you can’t think of anything but just want a chat or someone to talk to about MS we are available please contact us via Facebook

We’ve seen how the people of York came together with the recent floods, lets make a community for people with MS in York lets be there for each other

hi cardo

i belong to a couple of groups for people with ms on facebook.

one of them F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (formerly Ladies with lesions) we arrange a get together at the local harvester and people who live in the area agree to come along.

good luck with your York group

carole x

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Thanks for that Carole, hope we get some interest