eyes have got worse in the last week

Hello, i was diagnosed with MS relapse and remitting 3.5 weeks ago and put on Methalprednisilone for 5 days, my double vision drastically improved and my eyes were nearly back to normal, with the prism i would have needed for my glasses down to +3. However as of last Tuesday the double vision came back big time and at last Thursdays Optician test the prism test was up at +18 &+4, it has improved very slight;y and im no longer having double vision as i watch TV or basic things like that but would this be considered normal for the MS?

It improved so much before getting worse i was able to get out on my bike training on the Saturday and the Sunday, could this effort have caused the 2nd lot of double vision? or do you think because the steroids had initially worn off that this is why the eyes got worse?

I contacted the local MS nurse who was going to email the Neurologist but im guess he didnt get back to her as i havent heard anything back since Thursday and its bank holiday today.

Hi Henski, I don’t know anything about steroids… but sounds logical that they might have worn off…

…but I do know lots about double vision as I have it too. Yes, physical activity always makes it worse for me. I think it is part of Utoffs Syndrome… this is when your temperature goes up and your MS symptoms get worse…esp double vision.

Try not to over-do the physical stuff and try and find ways of keeping as cool ass poss when you are exercising on bike.

Hope MS nurse gets back to you and can advise on the steroids.

Pat x

Steroids generally stay in our system for several weeks, but it’s not uncommon for them to cause a quick improvement that then worsens a bit shortly afterwards, followed by gradual improvement that stops at some unpredictable point between 0-100%. And don’t forget that, with or without steroids, recovery is never in a straight line. I would bet on a combination of this plus your doing a bit too much being behind your eyes getting worse. Doing too much won’t cause any permanent worsening though so don’t beat yourself up about it, just maybe take it a bit easier till your body is further along the repair path? Karen x

Thanks for the opinions , I appreciate them