Eyes getting worse after getting better

The last 2 days my Diplopia has started coming back after it was getting better,Mahmoud I try to get an appointment with my GP to get back in steroids?

It’s not uncommon for recovery to be up and down, with better and worse days so you may find that things start to get better again. If you’ve already had steroids, then it is probably not a good idea to have more. They stay in our system for weeks, they are very strong drugs with some potentially nasty side effects and so adding more is not normally recommended. Do speak to your MS nurse though. Have you seen someone about getting prisms for your glasses? A patch can help too. But do ask an expert. Karen x

Spoke to an MS nurse this morning so she advised not to take any more steroids yet. Se is going to get in ,touch with the neurologist then let me know what to do .