I work as a nurse full time. Off sick ATM.

Thanks Kit :slight_smile:

It does seem to be a very disruptive illness!

Kaz xxx

It certainly is. My poor little boy is fed up with mummy not being able to do stuff with him x

I can relate to that.

I sit on the floor and play with my three year old, but she wants to run around and play in the garden and I just don’t have the energy very often. Luckily she has her dad and several big sisters to help out :slight_smile:


My little boy is so active and wants to go to the park to play football. My poor partner has a very physical job so is too tired to play in the evenings x

Hi Kaz

Yes I do work. I’m the Attendance Administrator at a high school, 30 hours pw. When I had the worst relapse 4 years ago I had to take a month off work and then did a phased return. For the next few months I rarely completed a full week as I found it so hard to concentrate and found my energy was sapped after a few hours at work. My employers overall were very understanding but my line manager didn’t understand it very well and we had a parting of the ways after a difficult period. I now have a new line manager and my own office so I can control my environment better ie heat, breaks and interruptions. This works much better.

The latest relapse wasn’t so bad and I worked through most of it as the steroids give me a false energy and I can’t rest on them anyway. However in recent weeks I have needed a bit of time off as my legs are still very stiff (I think I have been left with some spasticity) so I am not sleeping very well. This hasn’t been a problem as my new line manager knows that I do my very best to be in work as much as possible. I think my absence record is better than some staff who do not have a chronic condition as I have managed quite well in between relapses.

Working at a school is ideal for me as I get at least a week off every 6/7 weeks and I set that as my goal. Every half term is another achievement! The only drawback is that I can’t be very flexible with the start time as I have to be in at 8.30 so I can sign in the late students. It doesn’t work if the lady who is meant to scold you for being late is late into work herself :wink:

My son is 19 now so at least I don’t have to run around with him like I used to. If the MS had hit me 10 or 15 years ago, I would have really struggled as I wouldn’t have been able to sleep every afternoon after work. As it is, teenagers don’t notice if mum is about as long as they get fed at least once a day :wink:

Tracey x