ESA can I claim?

Hi all

I hope you are as well as can be. I have a question that I hope someone can help with.

I have worked in the same job for nearly 20 years. About 7 years ago I dropped from being full time to part time - I carried on as full time for 3 year’s after diagnosis but could not keep up the pace (fatigue, pain etc - primary school teaching assistant). Since January I have dropped a day so have gone from 16.25 hrs a week to 13.5 hours. Can I claim ESA? I do not earn over the cap of £167 a week before/after stoppages.

I have read that you can claim whilst working but then I’ve read you will be appointed a job centre/search advisor, as well as reading you need a drs note to clarify not working. It’s so confusing. My husband works full time and we have savings over £6,000.

Thank you xxx

I certainly would think so! Might be worth joining the Benefits and work website, lots of info there, also very very useful forums. Not sure how much it is now £20 last time I used it, worth every penny! They helped so much when the DWP decided I was dead!:scream:whole other story!

You can claim PIP though, getting mixed up there but same applies. Good luck with the forms.

Hi Gordon

Thank you for that. I already claim pip and was just wondering about the ESA whilst still working but with less hours.

Benefits and Work are amazing. I am a member and have their guide but the esa has confused me quite a bit! X

I do claim ESA as well,but many years since I finished work! Put exactly the same question on B&W forum, probably the best bet. You seem to know about the cap on earnings, surely you don’t need a job centre advisor if you have a job…but that is just me😀

Hello @dottydoo
I’m now on Employment Support Allowance: I made a claim after I exhausted my 1 year of Statutory Sickness Pay, from my employer, and they then put me on nil remuneration.
I still need to provide FitNote (GP sickness certificate), not for employer but instead send it to DWP, until they say stop; in effect it’s like the DWP now paying my SSP.
You can obtain the SSP1 form from your employer, good luck.


Thank you so much for your reply. My confusion is that I am still employed, not off sick and am working just over 13 hours a week so won’t need/don’t get a sick note. At the moment, I am okay doing this but as my income and hours have fallen within the criteria for claiming, I’m not sure I can. It’s such a minefield!

Dawn x

Hi Dawn,
I think ESA is like a safety net, for when you fall on hard times and are out of work tbh.
When I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work, I’ve never had a thought to claim anything before.
I had my PIP assessment this afternoon, so just have to wait to see what comes of it; if my health wasn’t on a downward spiral atm, I’d much prefer to get back into work tbf.
Best regards,