energy levels

Hi, I’ve had a lovely weekend with mike and my daughter , but I get so tired. If I’m planning a day I plan just one thing and generally a rest in the afternoon and bed before 9. Mikes idea was a 5 mile walk, cats to the vets, lunch at fountains abbey, visit my folks, go to bonfire and then to pub later. Once upon a time this would have been no problem but now I get tires and can feel my face start to go numb, slurring words and stumbling, and walking gets harder as the muscles go into cramps in my legs.I wish I could do everything and I know that they must be fed up with me saying I hurt and I’m tired. So I didn’t say anything and struggled and definately couldn’t do pub. I appreciate mike and darcy and all they do for me, I’m just fed up of running out of energy. Mikes latest thing is booking holidays, skiing or scuba diving in egypt. He knew me before this ms thing got me and knew I was always up early wanting to do everything. Just wish that was still me.

Crikey, I think that lot (Mike’s idea) would have been too much for me when I was well, let alone with MS!

Sorry, but I think you owe it to yourself - and them - to say if the schedule is going to be too much. It’s no good going along with it anyway, but not enjoying it, and ending up in a state.

I know you don’t want to feel you’re holding the others back, BUT you can at least meet in the middle. You don’t have to do everything Mike wants. You still could have had a nice day doing two, or at most three, of those things, and I don’t think he would have had any cause to feel deprived. Trying to cram six different activitities into one day is unreasonable, when one of the parties is ill.

Would he still expect to do all that if you had flu’? Or, more especially, if HE had flu’?

I’m betting not.

But you DO have “flu’” - only yours is bl**dy permanent!

You also need to put your foot down about the holidays, BEFORE you are booked on something that won’t be any fun at all. Yes, having a holiday would be great, but the choice needs to take your health into account, and not be excessively focused on physical activity. I don’t know whether you are still able to ski, but a skiing holiday would be my idea of hell! Nothing in it for me whatsoever. So if Mike insists on doing that, at the very least you need to make sure there are lots of lovely things for you to do, while he goes off and skis. You do NOT want somewhere that’s a ski lodge, and nothing else. Sorry, but you must tell him. There are plenty of things a couple can do together, without it having to be skiiing or scuba-diving.