Empty shell


At the end of the day does anyone feel like an empty shell. Not just total fatigue but mentally out of it too. More and more often I’m telling people not to contact me after 6pm because I will not have the energy to make sense and process what is been said to me.

The challenges of the day have ended but now a new set of challenges set it. Tired but can’t sleep properly, trying to watch a programme but eyes won’t stay open, muscles have been over working all day and now they are painful and twitching.


i know exactly what you mean.

it’s difficult to put into words without sounding morbid but here goes - my life begins to slowly trickle out in the morning and by evening there isn’t much left.

that didn’t explain it but it’s all i have.

hang on in there christine, it’s the only choice!

carole x

Yes after 6pm, forget the washing up and sit me in front of the TV. Thats all i’m good for…