Embarrassing brain block

Let me set the scene:

Monday: In a meeting with staff I present to them a marketing plan with the aim to get their feedback on best marketing ideas.

Thursday: A general meeting of managers including my line manager who asks ‘Whats the consensus with the staff with regard to the marketing plan?’…a deathly silence as I cannot understand what he has just asked, my brain did not recognise the word consensus…I said ‘I’m sorry what do you mean?’. So embarrassing as I know what it means and fully understand the context that it was presented. I looked like a total tool, I was suddenly very aware of myself, a small woman in a room full of men, my confidence faultered.

I’ve had a few of these episodes lately along with feeling lightheaded and fuzzy, can anyone relate?


yes I can relate to this brain drain!

For years I took notes at high level meetings at work without too many issues but then things started to change and my concentration levels dropped and I too became lightheaded and it felt like I wasn’t there but looking down at the meeting! The worse thing was all I could hear was blah blah blah!

Once this started happening I found it difficult to do this part of my job!

But the thing was no-one else noticed!

Flippimg MS!

Sue xx

Hi Sue,

Thanks, its kind of reassuring, you describe exactly what I feel too!

It does worry me that I’m a million miles away so often. I have to take notes at meetings too, I have at least two meetings a week and I have a book full of notes!

Do I tell my manager (I have a good relationship with him) or just ride it out and hope I don’t make a tit of myself with my distraction?



MS is a shit!

The thing with MS is you can sometimes pick up again and things are ok and you can carry on!

But I have now, after 22 years, reached the point where I can’t work any longer - it’s just too much effort!

Oh yes the book full of notes - do you find it important to get the notes typed up asap??

Yes maybe you could mention this to your manager if you think he’d understand?


Yeah, brain fog… I can completely relate! Sometimes things that used to be second nature take a lot more thinking about… gets worse when you are tired. My favourite phrase on the phone at work is “Could you email me the query, and I’ll have a look at it and get back to you…” - I can’t buzz around my computer looking up details while someone is on the phone waiting for answers… at least not with any confidence that I’m giving them the correct answers!