DVLA problems

I have recently been formally diagnosed 4 years after my CIS. I filled in the form for the DVLA and sent it off and I have received a letter back today saying that they have checked my information and it says I have another medical condition - anxiety (I’m assuming they have spoken to my GP)

I’m so angry because they have sent me another form to fill in full of questions about memory problems and drug use related to anxiety while on their website it states that you do not need to inform them of mild-moderate anxiety (I have mild, my GP would know this as I am on a very low dose of Sertraline which i started taking after a family member died) you only need to inform them if you have “Significant memory or concentration problems, agitation, behavioural disturbance or suicidal thoughts” which I don’t.

I don’t see why I have to fill in a form about my anxiety when I shouldn’t have to tell them about it as it has nothing to do with my driving. Has anyone got any experience with this? The letter says I need to fill in the form and return it within 14 days (although because of the bank holiday that time is almost up and I only just got it!!!) or risk having my licence revoked. Should I comply although on principle I shouldn’t have to?

I would take the form to your gp for advice and get him to make clear the stage off your anxieties and even to give you a note for dvsa.