Drugs but not DMD's

Hi Guys,

In august 2018 i went along to my MS consultant for my 12/18 month meeting with him. He told me he wanted me to take Tizanidine and Pregabalin as well as Memantine. My wife is adamant that i changed literally over night?. in fact the following month in September we went to south of France. we drove all the way with our 2 road bikes (overnight stop as well). Anyway we got there in the glorious french sunshine!!. 1st ride was a nice ride with incredible views, and some very steep hills. 2nd ride was a very flat encounter with no hills at all following a canal (water cant travel up hill!!)…But within 10 miles i knew my legs were finished (but being a typical man didn’t tell the wife). The saddest thing was, i actually haven’t cycled since!. My wife and MS nurse both said i could have been pushing to hard, and may have caused my own problems?, at the time cycling was my drug, i was riding 200 miles week in week out. currently the only excises i get is walking dog round park when i feel i have it in me?..My legs have never been the same since. my wife reckons i should stop above drugs for 3/6 months to see if any benefits?..

my step daughters friend who knows a bit about drugs thinks the above tablets could or would make me fill like a zombie?..

My current DMD is Tecfidera for 5 years, and Copaxone & Betaferon before that.


Hi Lee

I was on a proper mad mixture of neuro painkillers.

Each one had nasty side effects, gabapentin made me constipated which made me depressed, can’t remember the others but I took myself off them. The pain remained at the same level so nothing lost and at least I could poo!

Just make a note of how you feel each day for a week then try cutting out one at a time.

overdoing exercise is awful when it spoils the form of exercise that you loved

good luck

Carole x

Discuss with your GP or MS nurse / medical provider before stopping the drugs as they can have withdrawal effects if stopped suddenly. There may be standard protocols for tapering the dose down, and may be able to advise which to do first. I presume you had muscle spasticity and pain which was why they prescribed them. Maybe you can get physiotherapy if needed to help with any increase in spasticity as you come off them?

Cycling is one of the best drugs! Hope you do find a way to get back your ability to cycle.

Pregablin didn’t work for me.

Tizanidine threw my liver & kidney functions drastically after a few months.

Came off both.