Drugs and conceiving

We are newly diagnosed but hoping to start a family

I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice / information on trying to conceive whilst on MS drugs? With regards to the male being on medication.

There seems to be a lot of information for women (many say to avoid conception ) but what about men who are on them?

In particular ponesimod & ocrevus

Any thoughts much appreciated ! Feel extremely anxious about it all

Thanks I’m advance

Each drug should have a Patient Information Leaflet that should contain everything you need to know. Search for the drug name and PIL should find it. Otherwise the drug company will have an enquiry line.

Much better to go for the definitive answer rather than a query here.

Thanks, and agreed always go to the source, however have already read the PIL and there is no mention of male fertility / use when conceiving

And whilst I wait for the next Neuro appointment was hopeful someone may have been in a similar position and have some information

There is a section that mentions sperm and DMTs that may help with your choice of drugs