Dreaded Steroids

Hi all,

If you haven’t guessed by the title lucky little ole me is relapsing again after only 5 months .

I have to go back onto iv steroids and the last 2 times i have ended up with all the side effects they give. As it’s close to christmas i want to be able to work through this as much as i can so can anyone help me deal with the side effects they give you?

I would mainly get that horrible taste in your mouth, oral thrush, nausea and insomina but just generally feel completely and utterly crap and want to curl up in bed and hide.

Any help will be must appreciated.


Hello Steph,

I am sorry to read that you have to take the devil’s pills again. I have lost count of the amount of times I have had them, and I wouldn’t wish them on anybody. The insomnia is pretty hard to beat - if not impossible. I just try and keep the radio on (on low) all night so that I can fill my hours a bit. The totally foul taste that they givge is a bit easier to deal with - Murray Mints taken just after they are swallowed down, but if these are an iv administered drug, this might by more difficult. The moods and depression are more difficult too, and I just try and fill my days with more possitive things going on, but I know just how you must feel. Best of luck with this - it will soon be over.

Best wishes,


you could decide to not take the steroids.all they do is shorten the relapse,i chose never to take steroids,didnt like the sound of them, i have had some relapses that have left me in bed for many months too,i know its not for everyone but i always declined them,the side effects to me sound worse than the ms symptoms.

hope you feel better soon.


i am with jaki. except i have had 2 lots orally. never again-because i wanted to kill. i know thats strong but it was true. when i discovered that they didnt shorten the relapse then it was a no brainer-no more thanks

ellie x

Hello there. BETAHISTINE will dispose of the ‘Twitter twitter’, pineapple,real,tinned or sweets will ‘de-clag’ your mouth,and your GP should be able to prescribe something for the nausea. If you can get rid of these nasties,you should find yourself feeling better and the insomnia will pass with time.Don’t lie in bed,do all the jobs you normally hate.