Dr apt

I had my Dr. apt on thursday and on tuesday morning i go in for the blood work for Ocrevus and i still dont understand what it does language barrier and my husband didnt really pay attention to what the Dr said cause he was in shock about the price also. So im scared cause i dont know whats to come to me also the Dr was running around so i couldnt really talk to him it is suppose to be over 8 thousand euros.


What country are you in Bea? Is it the case that you have to pay for your drug treatment where you are?

If you don’t understand the benefits and the risks involved in taking a drug, you really shouldn’t take it.

Is there anyone who can help you with the language problem? Can you get it explained properly before you end up taking a very serious treatment that can have side effects?

And if you have to pay for the drug as well, you really need to know what the potential benefits are.

Have you been diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS or Relapsing Remitting?


Im in Germany I can somewhat understand it it just still scares me and i do have health insurance and i do have one from the military but wont cover t all we will still be sitting on a heavy chunk. im not on any medication for my MS cause its a tricky little pain in the butt. Drs can only say it might be active it


I think you should do all you can to find out as much as you possibly can about your MS, what kind they’ve decided it is, what are the various drug options open to you (is Ocrevus the only one on offer? maybe if you’ve been diagnosed as progressive it is), and what the side effects are. As well as the actual financial cost to you.

If your only option is Ocrevus because you have PP, you still need to understand the drug, the potential benefits and risks before you start. If the benefits don’t outweigh the risks and the costs, then don’t take it.

If you can afford it, together with your health insurance and have looked at the benefits and think it’s worth it, then do it.

But you should try to get all of this information sorted in your heads (ie you and your husband) before you start.


Hi mom of 3

Sue gives some terrific advice and reasoning.

Further research by yourself is a must to cover your queries. Do you have an M.S.Nurse you can glean information from?


I do have ppms there ae no other medications out for me and im still kinda of young not that young im only 39 and i do have a soon to be 8 year old and i was way wrong about how much it would cost it would cost about eighty five thousand I have been un medicated the last 9 years that is also why it has gone wild. Thank you for reply I will realy think about but i may take it risk and all cause i want to enjoy my life with my husband and kids.


No i dont have a MS nurse but i have another dr apt end of this month for my depression but he is a dr for both maybe he can help me or point me in the right way.