Does anyone else struggle with depression

I really am getting to my wits end, I have really bad dizziness and vertigo all of the time now, I am missing out on loads of things, I missed my sisters engagement party in July and her birthday yesterday because I don’t feel safe or comfortable whilst I am not at home! My mum is caring for me like I am a toddler because there is a whole load of stuff that I can’t do just because of the dizziness! Neuro says it is because of a lesion on my brain stem (fair enough) but ent has compared my MRI from 2005 and my most recent 2010 and the lesion has shrunk alot?!?! Neuro says I have to learn to live with it but I seriously struggle every day, getting fed up with letting people down and my son misses out on things like bedtime stories, because I just can’t read them, I can still see (thank god) but my eyes are all over the place most of the time so it is hard to read! I have posted before about this but even after trying all the different meds and steroids (they didn’t even touch it!) and doing vt exercises religiously for the last 18 months I am no better, infact am getting worse?!? I lost my fiancé in July 09 too and it is all getting on top of me! :cry: I don’t want to take anti depressants as the last 2 times I was on them they have made me much worse (2 different meds at completely different times) and I am due to start having a counsellor visit me at home from cruse bereavement Does anyone else have issues with depression? Is there anything that you do to try and help it? I really really want to get better from this as I feel if I can handle my emotions a bit better, I will be able to ‘cope’ a bit better with some of the symptoms and I will be a better person for my son and my family to live with Thanks for letting me sound off, just feel a bit lost, and I am ready to see some of the old Mel now! :slight_smile: Mel xxx