Do relapses vary in strength?

Hi just wondered if someone can help. Before dx I had two mild episodes put down to trapped nerves that completely disappeared. Then my main relapse which started in feb and is still causing me problems in my right hand, arm and legs/balance . I think reading other posts that the main relapse is over and what’s left is just ms symptoms to live with, which may or may not still improve. However I have just started to get mild pins needles and stiffness in my left hand, my hug has returned and legs/ knees are definitely stiffer than normal. Do relapses vary in intensity? This is not as bad as before but are mild new symptoms in my left hand. Sorry no ms nurse to ask at moment, and was just wondering. Thanks for any help Mish

Hi Mish,

Yes, they definitely vary - not just from person to person, but even in the same person.

They can vary from quite superficial (mild sensory symptoms only) to seriously disabling. Can also vary widely in duration, as well as intensity.


Hi Tina Thank you, I wasn’t sure if they just continued to come back as bad or worse than before. Sounds like you can have a mild relapse following a more severe one. Thank you for info. Mish x

haha you tried explaining your early relapse the same way i did. And in short yes they realy can vary my first relapse did very little realy my second messed my left arm and leg up big time and my third my face dropped on one side but that was it. It made me look uglyer than normal but did not cause problems with mobilaty

Hi jms Yes haha indeed, I had no idea what was in store two years down the line! Doc put main relapse down to trapped nerve again in the beginning (the hug) but by march I lost co ordination on my right side and could barely hold or co ordinate a tea spoon into a yoghurt let alone into my mouth…much to the hilarity of my family! (to be honest I was probably the worst giggler trying) two emergency mri’s later and at neuro appt in June got my dx. You have to look on the bright side don’t you. My balance is not always good but thank goodness for walls to bump into I say. Lol my arm hasn’t fully recovered (maybe its the walls) yet but at least the yoghurt isn’t such a challenge any more at the moment. Tee hee Not sure if my new symptoms are a mild relapse, time may tell. Hope you are doing better at the moment. Thanks for reply. Mish x

You so need a sense of humour with MS. When I was first diagnosed last yr I had numb feet. I walked like a thunderbird puppet as I couldn’t feel the floor to well. I found wearing sandals a nightmare and finally gave up on them when I ended up launching it down the main corridor of my hospital as it slipped off my foot… I was laughing so much because I hadn’t felt it leave my foot and just saw my sandal flying through the air. that lasted about 6 weeks I’ve got a ‘special’ chair at work and god help anyone that sits in it. If I forget to do something then I blame the MS Every cloud… Lesley

Oh Lesley I have a picture of the sandel making a bid for freedom, I would so have got the giggles too! I have always had a terrible memory too but I can blame the ms now if I forget a birthday card…well it’s got to be good for something. Mish x