Do I have ms?

Hi. I will start with my family history, my maternal mother has recently been diagnosed with Ms and my paternal grandmother has ms since her late 20’s. Growing up as a teenager i experienced headaches and eye pain which increased in frequency into my mid twenties.

I now get eye pain fairly regularly and a blurred/distorted visor in my left eye, very occasionally my right eye hurts. About 2 years ago I had strange pain in my back Running Down My spine, then my first episode of torticollis, man did that hurt. My neck all twisted to side and terrible (brought me to tears a few times), it lasted for a few seconds and occasionally felt like it locked.

The spasms where terrible. I started to feel generally weak (like everything was harder/more tiring). I would also get a tight felling across my chest from time to time, it feels like a breeze block is on my chest( lasted 10 min to an hour). This went on for a couple of weeks. I went to the doctor, feeling a little like a hyper-condriact. I felt like the first doctor laughed at me, however blood tests showed vitamin b 12 defiency.

I was put on b12 injections and told to see the optician, the Dr sent a refferal to the neurologist. The optician suspected optic neuritis after what she said is a slightly swollen retrobullbur and colour difference. She said I was experiencing pain in the other eye due to unhealthy eye stealing it’s energy? Neuro said he would contact me if there was any evidence on scan, he did suggest gabapentin and amitriptyline and said I could just be depressed. He never got back to me, so thinking i was crazy i never took the medication.

Anyway most of those symptoms went away, I had however developed an urge incontinence and my torticollis was always there, just niggling away. Got all symptoms back about a year later, not exactly the same, all a little different. Like I didn’t have shooting pains in my spine. I did not go to the Dr as I felt stupid or crazy! Now 14ish Months Later, I Have Only What Can Be Described As Sharp Shooting Pain In The Top Off My Neck That Runs Down My Spine And Into My Left Hand.

This is made much worse when I bend my head down (chin to chest), this has been here 2 weeks now and booked into Dr this week. I have had other symptoms back over these 2 weeks, eye pain, chest pain, funny little stabbing pains and a tearing/ripping/stabbing in my back. I feel tired from how much effort everything takes. I feel like no one is taking me seriously, have I lost the plot?

Hi browner, when you next see your GP ask him/her to refer you to a neuro again, if you don’t already have an appointment to see one. Nobody on here can say if you have MS or not, only a neuro can do that.

Let your GP be aware of your family history if he isn’t already, he can also give you something to help with your pain. Nobody will think you’re a hypochondriac & you don’t have to suffer in silence, but you do have to explain all your symptoms to the GP…and take it from there

Good luck

Rosina x

Hi, I phoned my Gp who said to make an appointment (It’s on Wednesday) and he thinks it would be a good idea to get another MRI. He gave me pain killers also. He said that he will carry out some tests that could confirm what these shooting/electric shock pains in my spine are. I think he is taking me more seriously this time. He is aware of my grandmothers history but not my mother’s, we were separated until recently. Just wondering if anyone knows what it could be or if anyone has had same/similar symptoms? Thank you Rosina x


It’s difficult to say whether you have MS or not as it could be any number of things. You need a MRI plus other tests before you would get a Dx.

At least your doctor is now taking you seriously which is a good start…you are now starting your journey and I wish you all the best.



Hi, I have just returned from the Dr (not my usual Dr) she said that the shooting/electric shock pains running from my neck down my spine could be from my torticollis (rubbish). Sounds a lot like L’hermittes to me! She didnt even know what that condition is. She also brought up the results from my 1st mri, which unknown to me found degeneration of the spine (I’m 28). With no signs of Ms, I’m not entirely convinced. Does this condition cause stabbing pains and itching in limbs? Or bladder and bowel weakness. No it doesn’t! She prescribed me amitriptyline to help with nerve pain. She also gave me a depression form to fill out, I am not depressed to my knowledge, but hey maybe I’m missing something. What gets me is I was never told about my spine and my MRI was about 18 months ago! I have appointment to see usual Dr next week. My mum who has ms also has deterioration of the spine and disks, this is how hers started. I’m a little lost and feel like I’m being fobbed off. How long does it take for lesions to show up and do I need a stronger MRI? I read somewhere that weaker MRI scans don’t show spinal lesions and some suggest to pick up small lesions on the brain. Lost and confused!

Hi, you mentioned your gp has requested another MRI this will then be compared to your previous one which will show if there’s any changes. I do believe there is a stronger MRI one can have but unfortunately I do not know what it is called. Have you had any other tests like nerve conduction, VEP and a few others these would help for a Dx. Don’t give up keep pushing for an answer. Best wishes