Do I have have have to declare in recruitment? Definition of benign?

Hi all, I have 2 questions for those more knowledgeable about MS please. Do I have to declare if the recruitment question asks ‘Do you consider yourself to be disabled?’ on an equal opportunities monitoring form? I don’t really, certainly not in the same league as what some of you are coping with. This is not part of the application form but has to be returned to the boss who will be shortlisting, so although it should only be seen by HR, they are in a separate building and it gets sent on to them. My symptoms are largely invisible (apart from the bags under my eyes…) and barring a relapse won’t affect my ability to do the job. I know the future is unknown but 2 relapses (1 major but temporary, 1 less severe but permanent) in 14 years could be considered benign…? I do have fatigue but have a tiring job and young kids so definitely affected by lifestyle. All replies gratefully received. Thanks. A xx