Hi I got diagnosed recently with rrms and have just been offered plegridy or aubagio. Has anyone got any thoughts and feelings about either of these. Thanks in advance Sarah

Hi Sarah

Information can be found here and here

I can tell you neither are particularly effective and given you’ve had three relapses in the last 12 months I’m puzzled this is all you’ve offered. There are much more effective DMT’s available to you. Beware of the wait and see how disabled you get approach. Some neuro’s are more proactive than others.

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hi sarah

the most effective dmts are lemtrada and tysabri.

both are given by infusion and they have serious risks.

i am on tecfidera which is a tablet.

this also carries risks but my ms nurse sees me every 3 months and my blood is monitored for drop in lymphocytes.

i was on copaxone for some years.

good luck, it’s right that we get to choose but it’s a difficult choice to make.

carole x

Hello Sarah- I’m on Plegridy. I was offered Copaxham or Plegridy. I have high blood pressure, so my neurologist said that for that reason these would be the most suitable for me.

I chose Plegridy, as you only inject every two weeks. Haven’t been on it for very long. Despite my fears I found the Plegridy pen easy to use, it was only a small prick. Was also told that any side effects I may have would lesson, as my body got used to the drug. Only had a red mark at the injection site, which then fades away, which is exactly what my MS nurse said would happen. Everyone’s reaction will be different.

Perhaps you should ask your neurologist the reason why you have been offered these particular DMT’s. Trust that whatever you decide that it works well for you.

Hi all, thanks for your help. It’s just so confusing all different drugs and side effects. My neurologist told me I could have any of the available drugs but these are the ones he thinks will best suit me. I only got diagnosed in November and have been told it’s mild ms but I did have 3 relapses last year all with different symptoms. Luckily since diagnosis I haven’t had a relapse but suffer with bad fatigue and brain fuzz. Thanks again for your comments xx

Hi All, Anyone on Ocrelizumab? I have PPMS and Neuro today suggested I may be eligible for this? Any advice on the outcome/side effects? Thanks

Hi Sarah May have missed the boat on this but just in case you’re still looking plegridy gets my vote. I have had little side effect and you don’t see the needle. I hate injecting but I treat myself to cake or chocolate or something nice each time which makes it easier. My best advice would be to consider work and or home life and decide what best fits in. For me a daily pill was no good really I’d definitely forget. I looked for least likelihood of impacting side effects which may affect work. I spoke with work about working from home the day after needle and fortnightly was agreed. By doing this I finally reduced the amount of possibilities to one. Also I didn’t want house full of needles as I have a 7 year old. I’m sure it’s no problem really but it was a consideration for me. If I ever need to change I will have to shift criteria. Any way I hope this helps you a little at least X Ps sorry Leroy I can’t help you at all hope someone comes along in a minute but it may be an idea to start a complete new thread with your query