Disappearing lesions without using any therapy

One year ago I had numbness in my hand, I made MRI scan and I had 1 lesion on my brain and 2 more on my spine. I made spinal tap and after the result from the spinal tap came, my doctor said son you have MS. It was difficult to cope with at the beginning. 6 months after I made another MRI scan and doctors were surprised. Now 3 days ago I made another one and doctors said they never saw something like that. Results were clean no lesions at all, all are gone. They are stunned because I refused to use any therapy. My only therapy was praying to God, eating a lot of fruits and nuts, I didn’t even quit smoking. So now I’m waiting to see another specialist in 2 months can somebody tell me if they had similar experience, is this a miracle, or this can happen. I know lesions can disappear if you use steroids of something but again I refused to use any therapy past year, except vitamins

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Once we have a brain lesion is it there forever or do they ‘heal’

Does someone in remission have fewer lesions than when he is in a relapse.

Perhaps too much emphasis is put on lesions - perhaps most of the population have them with no ill-effects. Our m.s. problems may be due to issues elsewhere.

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I don’t think that smoking has anything to do with MS, although quitting would be good for your health generally. Changes to your diet might also improve your health, but I’ve never heard of it curing brain lesions. I won’t comment on the effectiveness of prayer.

Years ago, when the effects of my first relapse went away, I asked if the lesions that had caused it would have cleared up. I was told that lesions don’t go away, the brain just forms new pathways around them. The doctor who told me that wasn’t a neurologist, so perhaps I should take it with a pinch of salt till I ask my neuro.

As krakowian said, perhaps too much emphasis is put on lesions in the first diagnosis of MS. I didn’t get a firm diagnosis till my second serious relapse, and I’ve only ever had one MRI scan in nearly 20 years. It’s possible that you don’t have MS, or it could be benign. Wait and see if you have any more relapses.

My problem was numbness in my hand that won’t go away, then numbness in my leg and dizziness in that order. I’m still new to this to a point where specialist after the MRI scan and spinal tap results, insisted for me to start taking injections every week, some kind of drugs who slow the progression of MS, I refused, don’t know why maybe because I was in shock. It’s not like something can prepare you for news like that when previous 32 years of my life I was healthy as man can be. And they told me lesions won’t go away, can only fade away over time. Now they are gone and I visited doctor who works with this problematic, he told me, he never saw something like that in his life. But I need to wait 2 months to see specialist who works on MS for over 20 years, because he is out of the country. I never had any symptoms after the first one, and it’s been a year. I don’t want to get my hopes high because all indicators including results from spinal tap led to conclusion that is MS. That’s why I asked if someone had similar experience or heard about something like that. I tried to google and I found cases where lesions disappeared but after using steroids. Now in my mind I’m in no man’s land because I don’t want to get my hopes high and get disappointed after that, but I like to believe that maybe miracle happened in my case, even I can’t find any other case where miracle really did happen

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I have to disagree - there is evidence that smoking is directly involved, see for a summary

The power of human body is derfinitely unmeasurable. It is good to hear that your lesions are disappearing.

You may think God is doing it, but I very much doubt it

If you think that way, great.



Your recovery from lesions sounds exactly like mine. I was very lucky in that, i was under the care of one of the world’s top Neurologists, who has treated countless celebrities and high profile individuals and has been practising in this area of medicine for many decades. One year after my initial symptoms he too saw all my brain and spinal lesions disappear, without any MS medication, which i refused to take, although i was someone who nearly ended up completely paralyzed during my first attack

All i did was get fitter and pray. My Neurologist said that in 40 years of Neurology he had never seen anything like it and he spoke about my “miracle” recovery at a global medical conference shortly, thereafter. I have had a second opinion from another leading Neurologist who said my turnaround was “quite amazing” and these are the experts so they see these things everyday and know medical miracles when they see one. I’m happy for you and hope that your second opinion went equally well.

I always beleived they do heal to a certain extent otherwise why use DMD. Mind you perhaps we dont all need to use DMD some bodies heal themselves. There is a lot to be learnt about our bodies and minds.

I was told they do heal and can disappear but leave residual damage along the way.

A friend of mine had a very bad ms attack 40 years ago after the birth of her son. She recovered and went on for the next 40 years living a fairly normal life, now she’s in her 70s she’s been having balance problems and problems with her bladder, after an MRI last year she was told there were no lesions and she probably didn’t have ms, she didn’t have any paperwork, so could not prove her original diagnosis however she is now being treated as someone with ms.