Difference between relapsing remitting and secondary progressive MS

Hello everyone,

I completely forgot that I’d written this post .

Thank you so much for all of your replies. I think I will carry on being permanently confused for now.

My MS has changed somewhat in the last 18 months and I started Tysabri in October but I seem to be having more and more problems lately with the latest being my vision playing up in my right eye. I’ve also discovered that I cant walk very far before the tingling kicks off in both legs and my right leg feels like lead, I have to find somewhere to sit down before I wobble too much and fall down (still waiting fo that to happen publicly).

I am having another MRI on Monday (last one was in September) to see what’s going on and then seeing my neuro and nurse on May 1st for my annual review so will see what he has to say this time.

Thank you all again and I hope you are all feeling as well as possible.