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Hi everyone

Was diagnosed as having benign MS on 10th Oct, this is after an ephisode of variably numb legs for 6 months 6 yrs ago and similar which started in April this year along with a few other odd sensation issues - weak fingers, minor facial spasms etc.  I still can't feel my feet properly, but at least everything else is back pretty much to normal and I'm fully mobile. MRI's etc were taken each time, both times showing spinal inflammation in different places - brain all clear fortunately.

It's been a great help reading your news and how everyone is so supportive of each other, so thanks for that. All of you who are battling MS have my utmost respect and sympathy.

Thing is, given that my feet are still not clearing up after 7 months, I'm really not sure that I agree with the consultant that this is going to prove benign, or how he can even know for sure.  Anyone else out there had this situation who can advise?

I've not told anyone else apart from Mrs Sensible about my diagnosis and I have avoided telling work despite it having been a bit difficult at times - I'm doing this as I don't want people to stop investing time in me, though it does make it emotionally quite tough.  Can anyone relate to this or am I barking mad?!

Anyway, good to 'meet' you all.

Mr Sensible


Hello, and welcome to the site happy2


You've got me singing Happy Talk by Captain Sensible, lol!


How can the neuro tell that it's benign? Tbh, he can't, not yet. However, the fact that it's been 6 years since your last attack means that the chances are good that it is. It's only in another 4 years at least that you'll know for sure though (some people say 10 years, some say 15 years to see if MS is benign). Although, it's pretty immaterial as the label "benign" is sometimes misleading: I know people ostensibly with benign RRMS who are worse off than people with regular RRMS. If I were you, I'd hang on to that 6 year gap - that really is a good sign - but not really worry about what "type" of RRMS you have. What will be will be (with a bit of resistance from you in terms of exercise, stretching, good diet, vitamin D3 supplements, etc!).


If I were you I would think again about telling work, especially if you are finding things difficult. MS is covered by the Equality Act, so your employers have to make "reasonable adjustments" for you to be able to stay in work. They cannot discriminate against you either so you should still have the same time and investment spent on you as on anyone else. (I appreciate that some employers breach these rules, but it leaves them open to some seriously expensive law suits if the MSer knows the rules!) Remember that you don't have to tell everyone either - maybe just HR?


One thing - have you checked to see if you have any critical health cover? MS is usually something that is paid out for, but there is often a time limit to making a claim.


I hope your feet continue to improve :-)


Karen x