This might sound like a stupid question, but if you have ms sypmtoms and no diagnosis and continue to have sypmtoms for many years.

And if you really have ms would it eventually show up on mri or can it be limbo life forever

Was not finished post and did not know what happen

But I was trying to ask if it ms a person has will it show up eventually.



I’m not a doctor, and can’t say with absolute certainty that it would ALWAYS show up eventually. As with everything, there are probably a few rare cases that defy medical explanation.

However, in general, the longer you’ve had MS, the more likely something would show. If you’ve had it very many years, but still not the faintest hint of anything on MRI, the odds are pointing to it being something else, and not MS. Basically, even though only a small proportion of MS damage is believed to be visible using current technology, if that damage had been going on for years and years, you’d expect to see something eventually.


Yes i agree with Tina, what the neurologists are looking for are positive test results which go towards an eventual diagnosis of ms. In my day it happened to be three tests proving positive with outward signs - weakness, numbness & central nervous system damage, in my case ON damaged my optic nerve and a weak right side with dropped foot.

If nothing keeps showing up then like Tina has suggested, I would think you may be suffering something else. Without evidence nothing can be diagnosed unless of course theyre looking at the wrong tests or trying to eliminate certain diseases first.

good luck for the future,



Hi Bren and Tina,

Thank you for that information. But I was told in 2010 I had mild ms and now migraine and now I have numbs fingers balance problem mild pain but weakness and pain in arms/hands . I have one dot on partial lobe which is nothing to worry about but I also have changes on mri on spinal cord and I am suffering very bad mood swings and just don’t feel right.

I am sick handing out money to neurologist and no one listening. I have been unwell for 13 years but as i said in 2010 good prognosis mild ms but i was told by a physician then and went to neurologist last december and he is saying migrain. So don’ tno who to beleive as i was so sick and had very bad clinical symptom when the physician seen me, difficulty walking etc, funny tastes etc…

Anyway I could go on forever but I am worried about teh symptoms I have now as I just am so tired and I am working full time but when i go home i just collapse and cant do any house work i am just so tired but yet all mild.

Sorry for the rant, but thank you

Hi Dee, if you have been told you have MS then you have MS.

This ‘mild MS’ is complete nonsense. Nobody, absolutely nobody can give a prognosis for MS. Nobody knows how it will progress. You are dx with MS and are now having more difficult symptoms.

When you say ‘sick of handing out money’… are you in the UK? If so, I suggest you go back to GP and say you want a referal to an NHS neuro.

If not in UK, I suggest you see another neurologist.

You need to see a neuro to see if they can work out if you have RRMS (relapsing remitting MS)… as there are drugs that can help.

It is possible that you are having migraine, possibly connected to your MS, but the other symptoms sound very much like MS.

Lesions on spinal cord would also be sign of MS.

Hope you get to see someone and that you get the help you need. I think the trouble with being told you have ‘mild MS’ is that you don’t really come to terms with having MS. They make it seem like it will never be a problem… which is daft as nobody can say that.

Take care and good luck,

Pat x

There is a saying that some doctors seem to like: “Time is the best diagnostician.” Basically, that time will reveal all.

Tbh, that’s all very well and good, but an early diagnosis is usually better than a late one simply because it gives more options as far as treatment goes (never mind allowing us to know what’s going on!).

MS is a bit of a slippery thing to diagnose though. There’s no single test that rules it in or out and the tests that are used are far from perfect. So there’s an awful lot depending on the neuro’s expertise and experience - which leads to the kind of thing that you’re going through :frowning:

I’m not a neurologist, but I am pretty well read on the subject and have never seen anything saying that migraine causes lesions on the spinal cord. So even if that parietal lesion was caused by migraine (which is possible), what caused the damage to your spinal cord?? (Btw, some MSers only have lesions in their spinal cord.)

Have you had an MRI since 2010? If you’ve been continuing to get new symptoms then things may have changed a lot - and may give the evidence needed to get you a decisive diagnosis.

Couple of other things:

  • Migraine is pretty common in people with MS so lots of us (including me) have both.

  • Dealing with one or two mild symptoms is not such a big deal, but dealing with a lot can be horribly difficult :frowning: So try not to be so hard on yourself: individually your symptoms may be mild, but together they are not.

Karen x


Even without a definite diagnosis - your tiredness and fatigue needs addressing. Google - ‘Could it be B12’ An Epidemic of Misdiagnosis’ - people with ms usually have Vit B12 and D3 deficiency - A low B12 can mimic ms - as it also damages the myelin. There has been lots of interesting posts on here - last month - about B12. l have looked into it - and no expert - have tried to learn as much as possible. l do take B12 everyday - one you spray straight into your mouth. lt is Methylcobalamin - which apparently is the most effective type of B12. l have found l have more ‘GO’ since taking it. And l do take a high dose of vitd3 - 10.000ius daily.

l was diagnosed 30yrs ago - MRI and a lumber puncture.

Hope you find out more soon - and start feeling better. lts the not knowing that might be getting you down.