Dfining 'normal'

Define ‘NORMAL’. A question that I have been asking people for decades at work. I have come to perceive it as a pejorative word that people can use to define ‘other than me’. Officially joining the ‘abnormal’ myself at the start of the year has helped me see just how much people in general rely on everyone else being ‘normal’ as meaning they are no trouble, won’t rock the boat, act in a different way or generally make Mr Average feel concerned, anxious or gods help him have to think outside his tiny little box for one minute. Sod Normal! Be yourself! Revel in you and be joyful you are not stuck in the mass of ‘normality’. Clare - who might just turn out to be a bit abnormal today! - “So no change there then!”

I’ve never been “normal”. I’ve always been WAY better than that :smiley: Still am! Karen x

Never have been ‘normal’, never wanted to be

Normal, whats that. I used to laugh when people had their hair all done clone style, thinking it was their invention, when clothes all looked the same, when sayings were not individually thought of but run of the mill. Being different is exciting, special, trailblazing and most of all, definitely not boring. Life is like a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump once said, for if it werent what a bloomin boring place to be. One then might as well have a chip in ones head and postcode stamped on thee head. Three cheers for being different! Luv bren xx :lol: :lol: :lol:

Which “normal” do you mean? To an engineer, normal means “at 90 degrees to …” Think of a flat surface, with something sticking straight up - the sticking up but is normal to the flat surface. And, yes, I know, that is not a perfect definition. Trouble is that English is such an imprecise language (40-odd meanings for “truth”, for example). and the regional and international variations add more complexity. Add the variations from one trade to another and you have a real mess to understand. Now for a new question - how long is a foot? And, what do you think is a normal answer to that question? Geoff

normal is not a good word for describing life. Its very individual as what is normal for us would be abnormal for others and then you get people like me that evry one thinks has very abnormal life but to me it IS normal.

rizzo27 wrote:

I’ve never been “normal”. I’ve always been WAY better than that :smiley: Still am! Karen x

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“Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.”(Thanks to Jodie Foster) B :lol:

Never been normal - excentric, different (and I’m not disabled) differently able? What worries me more is that I understand this site!!! Did I mention crazy? I fear you may be suck with me on all the forums. take care, M

Hi Clare, I am neither normal nor abnormal…I am unique…just like you and everyone else, eh? Who wants to be normal anyway…that`s just plain boring! luv Pollx