Devic syndrome & MS

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all as well as can be. Just wondered if anyone else has heard of Devic syndrome connected to MS? Answers gratefully appreciated. Janet x

If your pattern of symptoms suggests Devic’s as a possible alternative dx, they will test you for that as well. It is just a blood test. I know of lots of people (me included) who have been tested, but have yet to hear of anyone who actually has Devic’s! Alison

Devic’s (aka NMO, neuromyelitis optica) used to be considered a variant of MS, but it’s now known to be a separate condition. A couple of people who have posted on the Limbo forum in the past few years were diagnosed with it. This site is usually gives good info: Karen x

Hello my husband is being tested for devics he has no cental vision in both eyes for past 2 yrs now.He struggles with some colours they look grey or faded or washed out.He has had lesions found on brain both grey and white matter abnormal.He has alot of ms symptoms but some unexplained ones too he has problems going for wee cannot go when wants to,or gets urgent need suddernly, and wets himself slightly.Devics mimics ms but attacks are fewer and more aggressive ,so we were told by neurologist. We will not know until july devics or not?It is alot rarer than ms so hopefully not. xx julie

Thank you all for your imput I appreciate it. My Rheumy is testing me for it and by the sounds of it I would out of the two rather have MS. Hopefully I will know next week. Thank you again. Janet x

Hi Janet.

Good luck with the test results.

When my dx was changed a few times twixt MS and HSP, I also said I`d rather have MS too.

luv Pollx

Thank you Karen for the link I found it very interesting and pray that I come back negative on the test. Thanks once again. Janet x

oh blimey Janet, yet another prospective diagnosis, I too hope not, how many can people take. Think your better with the one you can handle, but rather with none so your health would run a more normal path eh.

Ill keep my fingers crossed for you too,

Luv bren


Thank you Bren, of course I’ll let you know. Janet x

i will keep fingers crossed for you too janet and my hubby who also being tested xx julie

Hope your hubby comes back negative Julie, do let us know how he gets on. Janet x