Hi All. I have been told by my MS nurse that she thinks my body is decompensating as I have been unwell for a few weeks with exhaustion, not sleeping and a flare up of existing MS symptoms. I was just wondering if anybody else has heard of this as it is the first I’ve heard of it and I’m not really sure what it means.

Hi, If you google the The meaning of decompensating it shows 2 interesting meanings one of medicine and one of psychiatry, Interesting to read the meaning of the word. Would take me an hour to type it all out. Check it out. kielyn

Hi. I have also been told by my neurologist that he thinks the rapid deterioration in my walking is as a result of ‘functional decompensation’. He likened it to a computer software issue as opposed to a hardware problem and that the system needed ‘rebooting’. I am also left wondering what this really means as my walking is now much worse, caused by a problem primarily with my left leg. I am waiting for the results of an MRI I had 4 weeks ago and for him to then decide what next. If I find any more out I will post here to hopefully help your understandings by too.