December Wheatsheaf UPDATE

Wheatsheaf has been changed to Tuesday 11th. I am getting requests to change the day.

I will not be there until about 9.30 as Tuesday is a heavy day for me. I’ll be there though.


Rioja on the bar please.

(I have the memory of a gnat…)

Gathering changed to Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday…keep practicing. Meet on Tuesday…

See y’all then!


I’ll be there

Karen x

Thats a better day; less busy coming up to Christmas; only an act of God will stop me this time. Mind you I have got that sock draw to sort; lol


Crank it back up, that’s the style.

All welcome. We talk, laugh, enjoy. MS might be a bit of a talking point, but equally it might not. I’ve got a few good jokes though…