CRP blood tests

He yjust wanted to ask regarding blood tests, had my results back today: CRP was lower end of normal limit…which surprised me considering I have ON in both eyes now…or perhaps I dont lol Still waiting for eye neuros to call me back re advice as GP isnt able to advise re ON etc…I feel like a bit of a pest…but did ask for advice on Monday…and for my notes to be reviewed by eye neuro. good news re liver, thyroid, kidneys FBC and glucose all ok. Am a bit confued though as GP thought CRP would be raised in any case re ON…but its not…

any advice would be appreciated…am guessing that normal CRP indicated no inflammation ie RA, bacterial infection/virus which is positive also…

Hi Scoobie,

Further to what Rebecca has said, CRP is a non-specific inflammatory marker. “Non-specific” meaning it suggests inflammation somewhere, but doesn’t point to a particular disease or condition.

As I understand it, inflammation of the Central Nervous System (of which the optic nerve is considered a part) rarely or never shows in blood.

Most people with MS have normal or near normal blood tests. The reason for doing them at all is NOT to test for MS, but to look for anything else it might be. If you had significantly raised inflammatory markers, it might point to so-called “systemic inflammatory disease”, such as rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus.

CNS inflammatory diseases (like MS) are far less likely to show in the blood.


ahhh ok thanks rebecca and Tina too…think mine was just under 1.( can only compare this to a CRP done in 1994 four months post RTA and back then it was 6) true re CNS hadnt thought about that aspect…Thanks for explaining…gp I saw last week said if they all came back negative she was thinking I may have a virus re weak arms,and pain in muscles…but wasnt impressed with that gp.(considering I have a slipped disc at c4/c5 she didnt even check my neck…).so back next week to see another one…who seems much more on the ball and proactive too…lol


ooh ps rebecca…ok re ON but I am still having pain and tenderness in both eyes…still vision probs…I dont think it has really subsided or gone away these last 7 wks…cant say there has been one day as yet where my eyes have felt normal again…or my vision has improved…and keep waiting for that moment in anticipaton…lol…it cant come soon enough!!