Covid Jab and a flare up

Hi Campbell. This is difficult, for sure. You’ve taken the leap of the booster so that can’t be undone! If Covid comes knocking, as it looks as if it may well do, your body is as prepared for it as it can be. The timing is optimal given the Omicron surge.

Fingers crossed for you that it is just a blip. If the covid vaccine can make things worse then just what would Covid without the vaccine do? If there is a very high risk of getting Covid then statistically the vaccine makes sense. Which one were you given? Was yours technically a third vaccine as opposed to a booster?

But do keep us informed how you get on. The more we know about how people react to the vaccine (and Covid) the more that we can learn from it and make infomed choices in the future.

Keep safe.

Hi Amanda

This is so difficult to judge and make a properly informed decision.

When they say that immunity is very low 6 months after two jabs, it seems they are talking about the antibodies only. I’d love to hear more about the state of the T cells, seeing that they are the really big hitters. I don’t think we are being fed the full picture. The news headlines are scary though. It is a great narrative for the vaccine manufacturers for the focus to be just on the antibody levels.

It seems that mayhem is descending on the vaccination centres - young people with less than 3 months since their last one being given them. Older people in rural areas still not able to get any locally.

I keep checking what is available locally for me. 22-23 December are the earliest.

Hi Amanda

This very latest discussion between (removed by moderator) and a doctor in israel may be of interest. It is mainly about vitamin D3 and K2 and Covid but they do touch on neurological side effects and the vaccines.