Copaxone reactions?

I have been on copaxone for 20 months, to begin within I had slight reactions at injection sites but they settled down after a few months, however I am now having problems with reactions on my face and neck. I wonder if anyone else has had reactions like this - I am getting swellings on my forehead and scalp, and now also seemed to have developed a skin condition - possibily Urticaria. I am unsure whether to continue with my medication - can anyone comment on simialr conditions?


have you tried ringing the connections helpline? they are really good and know all about copaxone. if it is a side effect they will know about it and if they don’t they will make note of it. they ring you back a few days later to see if it has improved or got worse.

i pestered them quite a bit. like you it was almost 2 years into it.

also see your gp. it may be a skin condition that he/she can identify. i had horrible injection sites on my legs, it turned out to be excema. i’d never had it before but the double base gel the gp prescribed has been a godsend.

good luck

carole x


I developed an allergy to Copaxone. I had awful site reactions, welts the size of dinner plates but kept I persevering. After a year I developed hives and swelling of the mouth and throat and had to stop immediately. it is rare but possible to develop anaphylaxis to it.

Check immediately with your MS Nurse and stop talking it in the meantime. If it is unrelated you can always start again in a few days with no harm done but better to be safe than have a full blown anaphylactic reaction.

If you are actually allergic to it as I was there are so many alternatives, especially with the orals becoming available too.

All the best,