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I was looking for some help, I got referred by GP in October saw neuro 8th Nov had MRI scans of brain, c-spine and thoracic areas on Nov 23rd on 24th Nov his secretary phoned to say they’d received scan results & I was booked in for an LP on 28th Nov.

Had this done, then I had a missed call from hospital last Wednesday & an appointment the next day in the post for another set of MRI scans with contrast this Thursday. I see the neuro on 24th Jan but just confused as to why I’m having more scans, has this happened to anyone else, any info is much appreciated.

Thanks Leighann

Hi Leighann

​Bear in mind, this is a completely amateur opinion.

Maybe your original MRI was unclear and the neurologist decided they needed to see one with contrast dye? This means they can see more definition, given the additive of a dye. The LP isn’t a necessary part of an MS diagnosis, wheras lesion(s) on MRI are. So regardless of whether your LP was positive or negative for Oligoclonal bands, perhaps there just wasn’t the evidence for either an MS diagnosis.

Have a look at where they write about Gadolinium dye.

I am assuming that in your original MRI they didn’t pull you out midway through and inject contrast dye into a vein (usually through a cannula)?

It could be that the scanned images weren’t completely clear that you had lesions in the brain? Or that maybe your LP was negative and that your scan wasn’t absolutely clear?

An LP which is positive for Oligoclonal bands isn’t a definitive pointer for an MS diagnosis as some people do not have O bands and yet they are diagnosed with MS. But the majority of people do have O bands in their CSF. See

At least you don’t have long to wait for your neurologists appointment.


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Sorry cant answer question,You could ring up secretary and ask?can you get there Thursday? sounds like they are being very thorough and things are happening quickly so guess that’s good in one respect atleast. My wife has severe problems since march,gp put in for brain mri(done june?)and referred to neuro who she saw her in july and verbally diagnosed ms(but couldn’t view mri scan, only report) next appt in sept he had left! scan still not viewed(2 days later they were) and urgent appt for ms specialist meant to be coming through,chased 2 months later and not put in by the junior neuro! appt is now in March so just over a year after urgent trip to gp! Good luck

Hi Sue,

Thanks for that reply, I’m just trying to figure out the logic behind the process, was told 4 years ago I had some lesions after a bout of optic neuritis but as it was my first and only thing to have happened they wouldn’t diagnose MS, just there was a possibility it could be that.

I suppose I should thank myself lucky I’m getting things so quickly reading some of the stories on here people are waiting months and months


Sorry to hear the long length of time your wife has had to wait to get sorted out especially with severe problems, it must be quite a stressful time for you both. Hopefully you will get answers and things start moving quicker come March. Good luck with everything

I agree with Sue.

It is good that you are getting some more scans ahead of the consultation if that is what the neurologist needs to help him/her decide what is the matter and needs to happen next.The clearer the picture the neurologist has of your case, the better for you.


Thanks Alison,

Just good to get some info/advice from you guys who have gone through this. I did for a short time think the worse last week when I received the letter for more scans but it will be what it will be.

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