Confused and uncertain.

Hi, I was seen by a neurologist who told me he was” filling in”. This wasn’t the original doctor I had seen. I am not diagnosed. It was such a disappointment. He couldn’t work computer to access my mri images. I asked to see my scan report. It says i have multiple bilateral deep white matter of increased t2 signal in juxtacortical and callosal distribution, in excess for age and suspicious for demyelination. (I’m 40). He didn’t explain what this meant. I also have moderare forminal stenosis. Which he didn’t explain. I’ve been referred for a LP and I understand this is the process however, considering I was returning to find out my mri results I was shocked when he was vague and didn’t explain what this meant. I’m left feeling upset, confused and even more anxious. What happened to patient centred care.


it’s a good idea to take someone with you who can help by prompting questions.

demyelination is a big clue to ms.

the lumbar puncture is just to confirm it.

however don’t take it as a definite ms diagnosis until you have been told by a neurologist.

try not to stress about it.

carole x