Confused about treatments and babies,and fatigue!

Hello This is my first time on here. I got diognosed about 2 weeks ago with RRMS. The first time I got numbness in my hand followed a cold, and second time 3 months later following another cold I got numbness in my leg. So they have now diognosed me, where as before they said it was an isolated incident. They said because I’ve had two relapses quite close together my ms was quite active. That have offered me a clinical trial, and two other types of drugs that are quite strong. The one is calledNatalizumab (Tysabri) and the other Fingolimod (Gilenya). They also said that if I was planning on having another baby I would not be able to do these treaments, so I need to decide about that. We were planning on another baby before this all started 6 months ago. I would really like another baby, but it all seems to much to think about. Also the side effects sound terrible! I feel alright at the moment, other than fatigue, and tightness in my chest. Is it normal to feel fatigue and tightness in chest even when your not having a relapse??? Emma

Fatigue is one of the worst symptoms ufortuatley and the tightness int the chest could be what’s known as the MS Hug!! Always difficult to know whether to go on to have further children, I was advised not to but I did and unfortunatley suffered major relapses after he was born - optic neuritis and total parralasis of y body from my chest down 12 weeks/18 weeks respective. Suppose it’s a life choice, not heard of the meds your taking so can’t help on that sorry. Sue x

some think that when you are diagnosed rrms that you are ‘normal’ in between relapses, this is not the case for a lot,i am spms now ,i was classed rrms for years,but i have always had symptoms that stayed from the word go.i.e. my walking was always a problem.right from the start.