hello folks, this week a form came through my letterbox stating that my ESA (which replaced Incapacity benefit) claim, from 2011 to 2018 was being looked at again to decide if I was eligible for income related ESA for same period, if anyone receives said form BEWARE, it’s a total CON, this caring government wants the recipient to either fill out a 45 page form if they believe they are entitled, or to fill in a page giving the reason they believe they do not qualify, you cannot ignore and not send back one of them. Nice to know that despite the backstabbing and squabbling the tories have, they still have the finger on the pulse to screw the disabled and all on benefits, and here was me thinking that the land of milk and honey was awaiting after brexit, Brian

I think the form said you don’t have to complete the form if you have a working partner or partner with more income and/or savings greater than £16,000. I got the form and ignored it. I hope I’m right! I’ve not heard anything else.


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OR, you could be entitled to premiums, as the DWP have been ordered to do this, don’t think it’s a con, the DWP made a massive blunder and are being made to correct their mistake. correct. Do some research, you could be owed thousands or none at all, Filled it in not owed anything but benefits remain the same.

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Please, please, please, see Youreable forum, this form called an ESA 3 is not a con!

People have been able to claim back thousands of pounds because when they transferred from incapacity benefit to ESA there should have been a income related top up to their benefit, but it was missed off!

If you transferred from incapacity benefit and your household income or savings has gone up/down since you may have missed out on this top up at some point, because you might have got it if they hadn’t cocked it up.

But PLEASE look at Youreable, there are some very well informed people there, and the ESA 3 issue is a hot topic right now.


Hi Maude and Dollydaydream, probably just my suspicious socialist mind in thinking that they (tories) are more inclined to take than give, unfortunately the £16000 limit on savings is below what I’ve saved from employment in the construction industry before I “retired” plus my wife worked full time after I retired, thanks though, Brian

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It’s not a con, my brother had quite a lot of back pay from them.