Climate Change.

I’ve just been watching the news on the Bbc, and they were talking about the COP talks breaking down. The international talks were trying to come up with the answer as to, how we can end, or at least live with, global warming. About the only thing that got decided was, all the nations need to have plans on the table by the time the next COP meeting takes place next year.

As an oldie, i don’t suppose i need to worry. By the time the point-of-no-return comes, i’ll be curling my toes up.

While big business is making so much out of fossil fuels, and the like, i understand Countries have to consider their economies, but from what we see all the time on the news, they have to change soon. Even people like Donald Trump can’t keep denying, something has changed

So what happens at the next COP meeting in Glasgow in 12mths time… Everyone will promise to make new plans.