Claim; claim; claim

For some unknown reason this only applies to people living in England. If you receive care either private or via the NHS this service legally is free and you can reclaim any monies you have paid since 2004.

You have till the end of September and then you loose it. This could add up to many thousands of pounds.

It get’s complicated but I have written a letter that you send to your PCT and then you will be advised of any further action.

NHS Funded Healthcare Team (your PCT Address will differ)
Pascal Place
Randall’s Research Park
KT22 7TW

Dear Sir,

I believe I am entitled to claim any care costs I have paid since 2004.

My Council have paid the bulk of the costs but I have had to pay a percentage that I understand all should be paid by the NHS.

Could you advise me of the procedure of this claim and any other information I can provide that will help.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


The NHS is a free service from cradle to grave; well till September it is.