Christmas Junk poem. My MS memory can't cope with Xmas!

How my head hasn’t burst yet I do not know!!! My memory is not brilliant at the best of times thanks to MS, but with the added Christmas list it has definitely taken a hit! Having forgotten to buy the stamps as promised for my other half, it got me thinking of writing this poem. Hope it makes you laugh as much as we did!!

Christmas Junk

Christmas junk!

That’s what my head is full of

How can I be expected to remember the stamps?

I have a million other Christmas things going on

Remember to take the kids to the Christmas disco

Remember to make the angel costume

Remember to write the Christmas cards

Remember to book the panto

Christmas junk is what I call it

All the other things to do

On top of being a busy mum and wife

But I am sorry, I forgot the stamps

I did remember to provide prizes for the Christmas raffle

I did remember to help fill the Christmas hampers

I did remember to order the presents

I did put up the Christmas lights

I did order the turkey

I did buy the wrapping paper, write to Santa, decorate the tree, go to the Grotto, wrap the presents

But I am sorry, I did forget the stamps

My head is in Christmas Land

I’m working full speed ahead

To make this the best Christmas ever

But until the day when the big man comes

I will forget to iron your shirts

I will forget to find your tie

I will forget to make your tea

And I will forget to buy your stamps!

The Post Office is down the road

Copyright © & ℗ 2018 Snowman

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yes, i agree you sound very much like me, husband says wait in for a parcel but i forget it didn’t arrive anyway so i’ll have to wait in for it another day. now i need a cup of tea and then the inevitable wee. the man i love likes a moan my legs make me want to groan but i keep it to myself. shove christmas up your bum on the top shelf! that last line didn’t rhyme - so bloody what!


Love it! I’m still laughing!! Think we’ve started something here

Nice poem Snowman. (Again!) I’m so lucky, I have to do pretty much nothing that relates to the Christmas spirit, except a teensy bit of entertaining people, a visit to my mother-in-law in her care home, and maybe a bit of Quality Street eating.


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Lucky you Sue. It’s madness here! But I can tick the nativity and raffle now. Enjoy the chocolates!

I bet Sue and I share the same wish,

to cook Christmas lunch and place pud in a dish.

Ask hubby to carve, as it’s the tradition,

with roasties and sprouts a certain condition.

I’ll wash the dishes and hubby will dry,

We’ve done all the shopping and then wonder why,

we did all the wrapping of gifts that I bought,

using sticky back plastic, now there is nought

for surprise guests who visit I have no gift,

so I’ll give one of mine, the bubble bath kit.

Alas Sue and I are unable to do

any chores or shopping like we used to do.

Our brains are scrambled and our body is still,

some say we are lucky yet we can’t take a pill

or any meds to ease our condition,

there’s no cure but to find one, well that is our mission.Alas

Chrissie x

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Wow! That’s great! I have some competition!

Ah Chrissie, you know me well. (Apart from the sprouts!!)

Another poet in the house! Nice one.