Changing DMT - tricky scenario

Hi all,

I haven’t posted before so here goes. I was diagnosed in Jan 2016 with RRMS. I started Tecfidera in May 2016 and tolerated it really well apart from hair loss which wasn’t great but I put up with it. In July 2018 my right hand went weak which was a new symptom. It lasted a couple of weeks. I had an MRI of my spine done but there were no new lesions found. In October 2018 my right hand went weak again and it felt worse as it was going into my arm too this time. The neurologist said all was ok and to stay on Tecfidera however I haven’t really been ok with this.

Has anyone else had a similar scenario where the MRI was clear but they felt they had relapses? My edss did increase by 1 when she checked me out in July re the hadn weakness. I am so confused as to whether the Tecfidera is still working or not. The whole approach should be treat early etc and I am worried the new right hand weakness in July and then October means that Tecfidera isn’t working. Would be good to hear from others who may have had similar experiences. The MS nurse told me that Tecfidera will only reduce relapses however I have heard that they should be treating to see no evidence of disease activity so is this activity? Should I escalate my DMT? Thank you!